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Tips on how to wear a suit

In the past, suits were commonly men clothes, but nowadays, they become more and more popular among women as well. First pantsuits for women were not introduced until the second half of the 20th .century. But now, there is wide variety of suits for women which can flatter every body shape and be suitable for every occasion.

Although, wearing suits means that you are adding a piece of masculinity to your style, suits can actually accentuate femininity.

Look Gorgeous and Elegant in Every Occasion with Our Style Ideas and Tips on How to Wear a Suit

Suits are perfect for work,? job interviews, formal? occasions when you’re supposed to be dressed up,? when you want to leave an impression of independent, strong and serious woman or when you simply want to feel elegant. We are lucky to live in the age when all different kinds of suits for women are available, and there is a suit for every body shape and for any occasion. When it comes to choosing the right suit, bear in mind that you should not hide your body silhouette with oversized, baggy suits, but rather enhance everything that you like on your body. Suits are very flattering for any body shape because they can hide what you want to hide and accentuate what you are pleased with on your body. However, dressing for a formal occasion or event can be quite stressful for young women. Here you will find some suggestions on how to wear a suit and dress appropriately for any formal occasion.

How to choose the perfect suit

Grey or beige?

Firstly, when it comes to choosing the right suit for you, you have to take care of the size and the fit. Suits are pretty expensive, so you want to purchase something that will last you a long time and that you can wear on many occasions and combine with other pieces of clothing you own. When it comes to choosing the color, the best thing you can do is to buy a suit in some neutral color that will allow you to wear anything with it. Also, black, white, navy blue, grey or beige are the best choices if you want to wear your suit for formal occasions and they are easily combined with other colors.?

Pants or skirts?

Suits can be way of showing your sexy, flirty side. So, chose a suit with fitted jacket that will accentuate your waist. High waist trousers are always a good choice for any figure, especially for ladies who want their legs to look longer and slimmer.
If you want the masculine look, chose traditional cigarette trousers which you will pair with button down shirt and put a (bow) tie to get the boyish look. This is a bold look and not every woman will feel confident wearing it. High heels and jewelry can make the look more feminine and stylish. You will achieve another trendy look by adding suspenders. This unique, creative accessorize will give you playful and carefree look.

Look young in a suit

Suits can even be casual. If you want to achieve youthful look with a suit, chose tight trousers and blazer that will be in some softer fabric and pair it with a shirt in some with some interesting print. This way, you get an outfit that you probably won’t wear in formal occasions but rather when you just want to look trendy youthful. This outfit doesn’t require wearing high heels, so you can go for espadrilles or sneakers instead.

A fashion disaster can mean looking older than you really are

For the ladies who prefer skirts to paints we suggest you choose the pencil skirt that will be a little shorter than the knee length. The blouse beneath the suit should be basic in some matching color that will go well even if you choose to take of your jacket. Again, high heels are better choice than flats or sandals and they will make the look more professional and dressed up. You can choose a simple V-neck blouse or something with lace on it. If you want to keep things strongly professional go for the good old button down shirt, but be careful because this may make you look older and more serious than you want to.?

What to wear with a suit

You’re probably wondering what to wear with a suit; Blouse or camisole in some matching, nude color and you will achieve look that is appropriate for work but also for any formal occasion when you want to embrace your femininity and be sexy by showing your elegance and style rather than your skin. As we already mentioned, in some less formal outfits you can wear just a regular t-shirt with print. High heels contribute to the more feminine and dressed up looks as well as longer looking legs. When it comes to accessorize, the jewelry can play important role in your outfit because it will bring the femininity to the outfit. Looks with business suits can be really simple so you can add the touch of color and fun with your jewelry. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, your hairstyle is important in your final look, so if you want strictly formal, elegant look, go for a sleek bun. However, if you want more relaxed look, beachy waves are the perfect choice.

Mix Colors

You should definitely stick to simple basic colors but feel free to mix them. Instead of wearing the whole suit in one color, try wearing a jacket in, for example, black and skirt or pants in white or if you don’t like the black and white combination try matching burgundy or navy blue with beige, white or grey. Those are simple basic colors but mixing them together will make your outfit more fun and you will look less uniformed and more stylish. In addition, you can always add a pop of color with a shirt or a blouse you’re wearing under the jacket or with shoes, of course.

Path to the perfect suit

Suits are stylish way to look smart, professional and elegant. Although they are usually expensive, they are definitely an investment that will pay off because with one suit you can make many different outfits and looks. Once you’ve found the perfect suit for you, don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations every day. You can wear suit from office, to the party or concert and you can be sure that you look great. Pair it with some fashionable, colorful accessories, adjust it to your own style and embrace your professional and elegant personality.

Wedding Suits For Men – What not to Wear

Oh dear. I can’t comprehend that in 2013 men are still wearing dated vests and suits that don’t fit. So why are men hiring their wedding suits? Why are we seeing the same white vest worn at different weddings? Why are men not spending money and time on the most important day? More so, why are their wives to be, allowing it? Marriage is such an awesome concept. For better or worse or in sickness and in health. Gentleman, please think about your wedding suit. She and you are worth it.

The Hire Suit

The groom to be figures out it’s not a good investment, to pay £300_£500 for a suit he gets to keep and that was tailored to fit him. But he is happier to pay £150 for an ill-fitting suit from rentals that will look big on him. The main issue when hiring a suit is it just simply limits you. They give you a few samples to try on. They rarely fit you properly. In most cases the suit is too big and very unattractive. A great tip is when you try your suit on. Get a mate to take a photo of you, put it on your Facebook and let everyone get an idea of how you look. Ask does this suit represent my personality? Is it me? Does this suit fit properly or is it too big? Then go away and try some more suits on. These days there are many affordable suits out there. Don’t look at your wedding day as the only time to dress up. Suits are becoming well worn on many occasions. You have to understand one thing. You must give yourself some suit time. Yes it may take more than one day. Just have fun with it and your mates.

The Hired Vest

The white hired vest, I can only describe it as your grand mother’s curtains been recycled. It’s been around as long as she has. I don’t know why any man would hire a vest. Topman, Desigual, ZARA, Paul Smith, Ted Baker or any department store have many cool high end vests. You can update your wedding image and look great.

Tips on How to wear mensusa waistcoat

Waistcoat is one of the classic mens clothing apparel ever in fashion industry. Here are some fashion tips on how to wear your waistcoat that provides you perfect guide for perfect look.

  • Fit is the first and foremost thing to be maintained in each and every mens clothing.
  • Fit in sense your waistcoat should have armholes, fit shoulders with no pulling around the button.
  • Choose corduroy material of waistcoats in winter and Whipcord material waistcoats in summer which makes you appear stunning in any season.
  • Make your look more stylish and stunning with added an accessory that makes your waistcoat appear stylish and not fancy accessories that would affect your waistcoat look.
  • Always wear a contrast matching waistcoat with your suit. For example corduroy material waistcoat goes well with denim.
  • Always keep your waistcoat last button to be open if you are not wearing your coat on the top that provides you casual appearance.
  • To achieve a monochromatic look always make sure that your suit material matches your waistcoat material.
  • Even the selection of your shirts, accessories, suit color, fabric matters which add more look and style to your Waistcoat.

Office Wear Tips for a Successful First Day at Your New Job

The night before, it’s almost as nerve wrecking as the moment you first walk into the reception of your new job and the young fashionista of a receptionist gives you the once over with a sweet smile. It is the frantic search for that pair of patent heels you thought you had once upon a time. The worry if your new camel trench will match your carefully picked smock dress with the beautiful silk shirt that you had to buy and now you’re hoping your first pay check will cover.

Your emotions are all over the place in a whirlwind of nerves and excitement. The task of choosing that perfect first outfit with the right amount of class and sophistication, but still reflecting your personality, is seen as a big chore by most women; a worry that we would rather not have. After all, the following day is the beginning to the rest of your life… No pressure! But should this really be as stressful as it is?

Work wear is like stylish armour. It protects us from the stresses of our, what seems like, never-ending meetings and ridiculously late nights at the office. It is the professional boost that is necessary to get us through those days. After all, we spend so long in those clothes, we may as well adore what we are wearing, and this rule should not change for your first day.

Choosing the perfect outfit for your first day should not be scary. It is obviously essential that whatever you choose should be smart and sophisticated with a classical edge. However, by putting a twist of your personality in the finishing touches, it will finish your look successfully and create an individual image that will make you stand out from your new colleagues. You want to be noticed and remembered, to become the talk of the office for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones because as we all know, first impressions are crucial.

Now days, office wear has a huge selection to choose from.

Keep to these simple rules to create the right first impression but still adding some personality:

1. Never under estimate the power of any accessory, try a statement necklace or neck scarf to create some individuality

2. Do not over do on colour, one hue will keep the look smart and professional

3. Make the base of your outfit a monochrome colour pallet but be daring with shades to keep it fresh

4. Add a camel coat to a darker suit to keep your look vibrant and effortlessly fashionable

5. Keep clear of tweeds mixed with plaid, you do not want to look like you are there for your first day at school

With these tips in mind, you can now walk in there with a smile on your face and feel confident in yourself by what you are wearing. Show them you definitely mean business.

2 Upcoming Reality TV Fashion Series We Could Do Without

Reality television is a guilty pleasure for all of us, so whenever there is any news in the reality TV area our ears tend to perk up. After all, look what reality TV did for Kim K–girlfriend is on the cover of Vogue for goodness sake. In terms of reality TV’s focus on fashion, most of what we’ve seen so far has been the “Project Runway”-type show that profiles the up and comers in the industry. But a few of the fashion shows E! currently has in development hope to switch up that trend with an inside look at fashion favorites, while a few others promise just stick to the mostly brainless stuff that we’re used to.

We know all of this info because just yesterday E!’s parent company, NBC Universal,released an overview of their original programming, detailing all the shows they currently air like “Fashion Police,” “E! News” and “Chelsea Lately,” and the ones that are coming soon, many of which sound quite, well, interesting.

See below for the upcoming fashion shows we can expect to see sometime soon from E!, and head here to read about the rest of their lineup, including a “Lane Bass Wedding” show and a family drama from Christina Milian.

1. Gucci

The plot: “The unique love story between Aldo Gucci, the son of the founder of Gucci, and his longtime mistress Bruna Palombo set against family politics, corporate intrigue and the worldwide expansion of the Gucci brand from the unique point of view of Patricia Gucci, Aldo and Bruna’s daughter. Based on Patricia’s upcoming book “The Name of Gucci.”

Our reaction: Sounds like an Italian hot mess. We can’t to see the impeccably dressed Italians bicker and moan. What will the show do to the good name of Gucci?

2. DVF

The plot: ”This docu-series, set in the world of the prestigious global fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, explores the relationships between an ultra-successful boss who controls the fashion world and her eight eager-to-please associates in training. Culminating at NY Fashion Week, ultimately one will get the highly sought-after yet demanding opportunity to work directly with DVF as her Global Brand Ambassador. An integral part of all major DVF divisions, this chosen ambassador will travel the world representing Diane and her business… if she makes all the right moves.”

Our reaction: In all fairness, this is the most legit show of the bunch, but it’s still reality television. That said, DVF is a total goddess, we can’t wait to soak up all her life advice.

6 Ways to Wear a Casual Red Dress

Casual dresses are staple items in women’s wardrobes. These lightweight articles of clothing give women enough room to move comfortably while adding a touch of femininity to their appearance. Yet, casual red dresses do not always look right in certain situations. Women who want to wear a casual red dress need to know what shoe styles and type of accessories to pair with their favorite dresses so they do not look out of place when they leave home.

At the Office

Wearing a casual dress at the office is challenging unless the company approves of casual wear. A red dress makes this more difficult because the color is bold and catches attention that distracts other employees. Fortunately, a casual red dress is suitable for work, with the right accessories and add-on pieces, as long as the clothing covers enough of the body.

The most important considerations for choosing a casual red dress to wear to the office are the length of the skirt, depth of the neckline, and type of sleeves. If the dress reveals too much of the body, women need to add additional pieces cover themselves.

Top It with a Blazer

A well-cut blazer transforms a casual dress into office-worthy attire. To make this look work, women need to wear a black or dark gray blazer to tone down the bold red color of the dress. When paired with simple, subdued pumps or flats in a coordinating color, the dress fits in with an office wardrobe.

Wear It Over Leggings

If the hemline falls above the knees, the dress is typically too short for office-wear. However, when worn over leggings, these short dresses double as tunics. Many companies permit tunics as long as they do not look too casual. Women need to pair the dress and leggings with simple, low-heeled boots and a belt or scarf to balance the color scheme.

Out on the Town

Dresses are ideal for busy days when women do not have time to match a shirt with a pair of pants. When wearing a comfortable, casual dress to run errands or go out on a date, women often feel better about their bodies and happier while they are out of the house. A few simple accessories create a complete outfit for outdoor excursions.

Drape a Scarf Over It

Scarves instantly add a touch of color to any outfit. They offer many different styling options, depending on how women wrap and tie them around their bodies. A scarf with a beautiful, whimsical print brings out the playfulness of the dress, while silk or cashmere adds sophistication. If the scarf is wide enough, it doubles as a wrap.

Top It With a Cardigan

When topped with a cardigan, a casual dress becomes an excellent transitional piece to wear when the weather changes from winter to spring and summer to fall. This style of sweater also covers a super casual dress so it reveals less skin and is more suitable for wearing in public. To tone down the dress’ color, women need to put on a dark cardigan. Contrasting colors like green or orange make the red fabric stand out.

Dress It Up With Jewelry and Shoes

Whether they are classic pumps or fashionable strappy stilettos, high-heeled shoes make a casual dress look more formal, and styles like gladiator sandals and chunky platforms are fun and flirty. Consumers should look for neutral colors like black, gray, and brown, which do not clash with the red.

Women need to look for jewelry with contrasting colors that highlight the dress’ color. Delicate pieces like tennis bracelets or simple metallic chains add a feminine touch that enhances the dress, while chunky fashion necklaces or bangles show off a stylish side.

5 Essential Summer Accessories Women Should Have

As the weather heats up, women everywhere throw off their wool coats and heavy sweaters in favor of cool and breezy summer styles. Of course, not everyone has the cash to invest in a whole new summer wardrobe every year. Instead, focus on fashionable add-ons to freshen up your look without breaking the bank. Bags, shoes and other accessories allow you to try new trends without spending a fortune or taking a major fashion risk.

So what makes the perfect summer accessory, anyway? When temperatures are at their peak, look for items that combine form and function, shielding you from hazardous UV-rays while adding a touch of style. Choose clothes that not only make you look good, but also feel good as you throw off the dark, drab days of winter for the fun-packed, sun-soaked days of summer.

Light Summer Scarf

Light summer scarves serve as the perfect way to add eye-catching color to everyday outfits. Wrap a lightweight scarf around your neck to dress up jeans and a tee, or wear one with your favorite dress to stay warm in overly air-conditioned buildings. Scarves also make great belts to add a pop of color to your outfit, and many can even be worn as sarongs when you need a bit of extra coverage at the beach. Look for materials like silk or cotton for scarves that will last for multiple seasons, and be sure to try a few trendy options like ethnic prints and designs with bold colors.

The Floppy Hat

Nothing says summer chic quite like an oversized floppy hat. This classic favorite adds a touch of elegance to even the most casual outfit, and it looks just as fitting at an outdoor wedding as it does on the beach. Even better, wide-brim hats offer serious sun protection, which can help you ward off skin damage and keep tresses from fading. Try a classic straw hat for a timeless look, or choose raffia hats in white, black or neutral shades for a slightly dressier style. Patterned ribbons or bands add interesting touches without going overboard, while hats with vibrant hues add ample amounts of color for those looking to create a bold look.

Classic Clutch

Leave the oversized handbags at home this summer and lighten your load with a classic clutch. These small bags hold only the essentials, allowing you to travel light and easy during the hot and hazy days of summer. Traditional models fit neatly in one hand or can be tucked under your arm, while convertible clutches come with a simple chain or strap to keep your hands free. Choose a basic clutch in a neutral shade for an always-fashionable bag you can use year after year, or try out trends that are hot right now with neon-colored clutches or straw bags with wooden or leather trim.

Wedge Sandals

The wedge sandal serves as the ideal compromise between traditional high heels and summer’s ultra-casual flip-flops and flats. Wedges are comfortable enough for a walk in the park or a stroll down the boardwalk, yet stylish enough to make jeans, dresses and capris look flirty and fashionable. The thick wooden or cork base eliminates the hazards — and discomfort — of high heels, while the strappy designs add style to any outfit. Spice things up with trendy versions made from animal skins, floral prints or bright neon colors, or choose wedges made from classic materials like leather, cork and canvas for shoes that will last for seasons to come.


Sunglasses are the ultimate must-have accessory for summer. Not only do they protect your eyes and help minimize skin damage, but a great pair of shades simply makes you look cool in a way no other accessory can. With so many designs and materials to choose from, trying on different looks is half the fun. Retro styles are especially hot right now — particularly the 1960s-inspired cat’s eye design. For a more wearable, but still trendy, look, try aviators or sunglasses with circular lenses. If you prefer a classic pair of shades that will always be in fashion, you can’t go wrong with slightly oversized sunglasses with black or tortoiseshell frames.

Fashion Accessories and Jewellery for winter

The most important piece of clothing is likely to be in this and last winter the coat or jacket. Here you should definitely look into that one is well equipped. However, that alone is not enough if you do not want to miss walks or go to work in the cold season (although I cannot blame you latter). What you definitely need are still parts of the accessories division of women’s fashion in particular gloves, scarf and a hat to be prepared.

The gloves – take your time when searching

The gloves come here once the most important function, because many people have the problem, when your hands are cold, the rest of the body is cold. Therefore, special attention must be paid on it here. Therefore, one must look carefully at leather gloves. If they are not fed, they are actually just an optical accessory, but no warming. Especially since you cannot throw as many snowballs, because the water is bad for leather are better because woollen gloves, which again provides a too coarse knitting surface for wind and weather. To demonstrate how difficult it is sensible gloves to find, I wear this winter in the third year of the fourth pair. So take your time when searching.

With Scarf and Hat, there are no special tips, maybe the one that should be taken with a cap that this also covers the ears. Here, wind and cold that is otherwise also offers a very nasty attack surface that you want to prefer to keep warm. In the scarves is important to note that you wear it in the shop a few minutes. To notice if the material does not scratch. Otherwise, it can be a very unpleasant winter or you will have again buy a scarf.

Jewellery – Attach decorations on mobile

Some models have a body eyelet on the chains and pendant can be easily attached. If this loop, you need a connection kit or a glued eye. This fix it according to the instructions on the unit and keep the accessories.

Fashion: An attractive appearance!

Robust women fashion for young mothers

Maternity clothes suitable for women who are in the pregnancy. Garments of this type are cut further and usually have at key points of the body elastic inserts, so the length can be adjusted. Suitable for both the swimsuit and underwear Maternity wear is necessary during pregnancy. However, it was a long way and a long history. Especially in earlier times, the life of a woman in pregnancy was always at risk.

A good design is still important

An attractive effect always complemented by good design. Therefore, it is important that the women interesting optical variations are sought that can embody a great style. Popular materials such as cotton and spandex. Each figure can be adapted spandex and offers plenty of comfort. Thus, a pair of jeans every woman combine with a beautiful blouse without the pregnancy falls into the eye.

Combinations are the key – Clothing for Mom

Are shared collective fashion item, the better the effect. This principle applies to maternity and conventional fashion. Important example is the colour theory of types. According to the colour typology match certain colours and complement each other. Thus, for example, blue with white as well as brown with yellow.

Clothing is sought, it should colour combinations are selected that look visually inviting, attractive and convincing. Principles of this kind provide an attractive appearance that is stylish and has especially much effect. Clothes for pregnant women is thought extremely good looks and allow a visually balanced relationship.

Jewellery for every mobile phone model – the cell phone accessories

Since the jewellery can be attached with and without aids on the device, you are set on buying any particular model. For this reason, you take care of the mobile search and consider how the new finance iPhone 4 and then select the cell phone accessories. By the way, with a light chain you learn by blinking whenever you receive a text message and a phone call. If now the SMS-Flat from the plurality of mobile tariffs have booked, you already recognize the flashing pendant, if someone has replied.

Fashion: Jewellery and Jeans Trends

As Pepe Jeans, a well-known jeans label, proves, the straight leg jeans are particularly relevant in the season. For men and women the right not to close the form is appropriate. Women can still wear the boot cut jeans that is slightly wider towards the bottom, or the skinny jeans. In various women’s jeans, the lower leg is now very narrow and reminiscent of a rib. This season you will often encounter leg cuffs. This is not about the fact that the jeans are too long, because that is a current fashion trend.

Beat the pants legs around so that the inside is visible, or buy a pair of jeans with leg cuff. In the season are popular with rustic stitching jeans, especially for men. The classic five-pocket style is particularly hot in jeans this season. However, the jeans should be slightly higher cut. Stains and holes and other vulnerabilities are consciously willed and fully in trend this season. This season, the jeans are very washed out, with indicated wrinkles. A light wash is often found on a very dark background.

Trendy colours of jeans

In autumn and winter mainly in different shades of blue and black are announced. Blue is offered by light blue to dark strong. Women are also grey and beige jeans. Have the courage to fashion, and then wear a patchwork jean. As a professional fashion but you should wear subtle colours without blurring or holes. Your jeans combine with the matching shoes. It does not always have to be sneakers, for sneakers or boots are the ideal companion for the fall.

Trendy Jewellery

Pocket watches are still modern.Most men like to wear a watch, for many men it is even true as ornaments or as a status symbol. Many men have not only one but also several watches they choose as accessories to match the dress and the occasion. Despite the huge popularity of wristwatches, well answer the question of whether pocket watches are still modern, in the affirmative. Perhaps you have an old pocket watch that you have inherited from your father or your grandfather and has a special value. One such pocket is too good to be in the closet, because of special occasions, festive outfit, a watch is often better suited than a watch.