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2 Upcoming Reality TV Fashion Series We Could Do Without

Reality television is a guilty pleasure for all of us, so whenever there is any news in the reality TV area our ears tend to perk up. After all, look what reality TV did for Kim K–girlfriend is on the cover of Vogue for goodness sake. In terms of reality TV’s focus on fashion, most of what we’ve seen so far has been the “Project Runway”-type show that profiles the up and comers in the industry. But a few of the fashion shows E! currently has in development hope to switch up that trend with an inside look at fashion favorites, while a few others promise just stick to the mostly brainless stuff that we’re used to.

We know all of this info because just yesterday E!’s parent company, NBC Universal,released an overview of their original programming, detailing all the shows they currently air like “Fashion Police,” “E! News” and “Chelsea Lately,” and the ones that are coming soon, many of which sound quite, well, interesting.

See below for the upcoming fashion shows we can expect to see sometime soon from E!, and head here to read about the rest of their lineup, including a “Lane Bass Wedding” show and a family drama from Christina Milian.

1. Gucci

The plot: “The unique love story between Aldo Gucci, the son of the founder of Gucci, and his longtime mistress Bruna Palombo set against family politics, corporate intrigue and the worldwide expansion of the Gucci brand from the unique point of view of Patricia Gucci, Aldo and Bruna’s daughter. Based on Patricia’s upcoming book “The Name of Gucci.”

Our reaction: Sounds like an Italian hot mess. We can’t to see the impeccably dressed Italians bicker and moan. What will the show do to the good name of Gucci?

2. DVF

The plot: ”This docu-series, set in the world of the prestigious global fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, explores the relationships between an ultra-successful boss who controls the fashion world and her eight eager-to-please associates in training. Culminating at NY Fashion Week, ultimately one will get the highly sought-after yet demanding opportunity to work directly with DVF as her Global Brand Ambassador. An integral part of all major DVF divisions, this chosen ambassador will travel the world representing Diane and her business… if she makes all the right moves.”

Our reaction: In all fairness, this is the most legit show of the bunch, but it’s still reality television. That said, DVF is a total goddess, we can’t wait to soak up all her life advice.

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