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6 Ways to Wear a Casual Red Dress

Casual dresses are staple items in women’s wardrobes. These lightweight articles of clothing give women enough room to move comfortably while adding a touch of femininity to their appearance. Yet, casual red dresses do not always look right in certain situations. Women who want to wear a casual red dress need to know what shoe styles and type of accessories to pair with their favorite dresses so they do not look out of place when they leave home.

At the Office

Wearing a casual dress at the office is challenging unless the company approves of casual wear. A red dress makes this more difficult because the color is bold and catches attention that distracts other employees. Fortunately, a casual red dress is suitable for work, with the right accessories and add-on pieces, as long as the clothing covers enough of the body.

The most important considerations for choosing a casual red dress to wear to the office are the length of the skirt, depth of the neckline, and type of sleeves. If the dress reveals too much of the body, women need to add additional pieces cover themselves.

Top It with a Blazer

A well-cut blazer transforms a casual dress into office-worthy attire. To make this look work, women need to wear a black or dark gray blazer to tone down the bold red color of the dress. When paired with simple, subdued pumps or flats in a coordinating color, the dress fits in with an office wardrobe.

Wear It Over Leggings

If the hemline falls above the knees, the dress is typically too short for office-wear. However, when worn over leggings, these short dresses double as tunics. Many companies permit tunics as long as they do not look too casual. Women need to pair the dress and leggings with simple, low-heeled boots and a belt or scarf to balance the color scheme.

Out on the Town

Dresses are ideal for busy days when women do not have time to match a shirt with a pair of pants. When wearing a comfortable, casual dress to run errands or go out on a date, women often feel better about their bodies and happier while they are out of the house. A few simple accessories create a complete outfit for outdoor excursions.

Drape a Scarf Over It

Scarves instantly add a touch of color to any outfit. They offer many different styling options, depending on how women wrap and tie them around their bodies. A scarf with a beautiful, whimsical print brings out the playfulness of the dress, while silk or cashmere adds sophistication. If the scarf is wide enough, it doubles as a wrap.

Top It With a Cardigan

When topped with a cardigan, a casual dress becomes an excellent transitional piece to wear when the weather changes from winter to spring and summer to fall. This style of sweater also covers a super casual dress so it reveals less skin and is more suitable for wearing in public. To tone down the dress’ color, women need to put on a dark cardigan. Contrasting colors like green or orange make the red fabric stand out.

Dress It Up With Jewelry and Shoes

Whether they are classic pumps or fashionable strappy stilettos, high-heeled shoes make a casual dress look more formal, and styles like gladiator sandals and chunky platforms are fun and flirty. Consumers should look for neutral colors like black, gray, and brown, which do not clash with the red.

Women need to look for jewelry with contrasting colors that highlight the dress’ color. Delicate pieces like tennis bracelets or simple metallic chains add a feminine touch that enhances the dress, while chunky fashion necklaces or bangles show off a stylish side.

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